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St. Patrick's Day


Beef and Beer Pie

Make this tasty traditional Irish dish for your St. Paddy’s Day get-together or for a classic, quick dinner.


Guinness Brownies

Rich chocolate and full-bodied beer combine in this enticing brownie.


Ginger Shandy

Try serving this refreshing beverage with fresh mint.


Roasted Carrots

Keep an eye out for rainbow and heirloom varieties for a vibrant addition to your table.


Irish Milkshakes

Tangy lime sherbet makes a creamy and delicious milkshake that is refreshing on a hot day. Fresh bananas add nutrition, so you can still indulge a little bit without feeling guilty. Kids love this shake, and the green color makes it good for a non-alcoholic refreshment for St. Patty's Day.


Corned beef with cabbage

A staple of St. Patrick’s day, this corned beef and cabbage recipe requires no luck to make. Three-and-a-half hours at a gentle simmer leaves the brisket exquisitely tender, infused with flavors of coriander, bay leaves and onion.



Irish Potatoes

Potatoes for dessert? Imagine the look in their eyes when they sink their teeth in these sweet, rich and creamy, coconut and cinnamon-flavored treats that look like plain potatoes, but definitely aren't. This is an easy recipe that makes for priceless family moments. 


Irish Soda Bread

Forget the yeast—this quick-rising recipe makes a delicious and light loaf, and is a snap to make. Currants are the traditional mix-in, but raisins or dried cranberries may be substituted for variation. Pair with your favorite meat dish or stew.


Irish Potato Soup

This comforting soup gets its warmth from the addition of a generous helping of cream and fresh parsley, thyme and sage, giving it a welcoming aroma and earthy undertones. Milder-tasting onions, such as Spanish or Vidalia varieties, work beautifully in this recipe.


Beef & Mushroom Shepherd's pie

Warm and cozy Shepherd's pie made from scratch.


Cabbage Rolls

Find a new way to enjoy cabbage with these stuffed cabbage rolls. Steamed cabbage leaves wrap around a mixture of beef, sausage, onions, rice, egg and seasonings. The finished rolls need to simmer for about an hour, so make sure to leave enough time.

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